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The Arcopedico brand started in 1966 when Prof. Engo Elio Parodi, a scientist born in 1914 in Italy, along with his young Portuguese wife, Maria de Lourdes Rodriguez Marrocos, came to Portugal. He, brought with him a strong conviction that the arch of the foot is the central fulcrum of the spine and therefore should be properly supported.

As soon as he arrived to Porto he undertook comprehensive studies on the subject and soon discovered and patented an orthopedic plantar with the proper support of the arch of the foot, embodied in two longitudinal mainstays of cleavers.
After several attempts with various types of materials, his vast chemical knowledge enabled him to use a certain kind of yarn knitted nylon in an innovative way. It would not only enable the direct injection of the sole, but would also provide to the person who would wear it an unthinkable comfort, due to the total lack of friction points.

Arcopedico went on to become the brand it is today.

Website: www.arcopedico.com

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