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High School Formals: Tips for Finding the Perfect Formal Dress

High School Formal High school formals are a special and exciting occasion. They're not only a celebration marking the end of 12 long years of schooling, but are also one of the biggest nights of your life and a "right of passage" into adulthood.

With the help of our tips for finding the perfect formal dress, come formal night, you'll be looking gorgeous in the truly stunning formal dress of your dreams.

Choose the perfect colours

Decide on the colours that best compliment your skin and hair. The perfect colours vary from one person to another. To help you decide, look at photographs of yourself and ask the advice of a friend. If your budget permits you might even choose to make an appointment with a professional stylist. Prices for professional stylists start at around $100 per hour.

Create a lookbook

Get ideas about the type of formal dress you like by looking through fashion magazines and websites., and go pre-shopping. Keep printouts and photographs of the dresses you love. This will help you decide what you like and don't like. When deciding on dresses, remember that simplicity can sometimes be best.

Set a budget

Set a strict budget and stick to it. Your formal is a big night in your life but it's not worth spending all your savings on, or going into debt for a dress that you might only wear once. Formal dresses don't need to be expensive to look great.


Decide on the shoes you'll be wearing on the night. If you'll be wearing heels, take a pair with you when you go shopping so that you get an accurate idea of the length. So you can really see what various dresses look like on your body, take a few different bras with you (strapless, halter, and racer back). Also bring a selection of jewellery you might choose to wear with you to get an overall idea.

Start shopping early

It's a good idea to start shopping early in the day. There'll be less people shopping in the morning and shop assistants will be able to spend more time with you. Shopping for formal dresses can also be stressful, so starting early means you can get more shopping done before you start to feel tired.

Don't shop with all your friends

It's fun going shopping with all your friends, but on this occasion, it can be a good idea to go shopping by yourself or with a family member. That way you won't be competing for the same formal dresses that your friends might also like, and you won't be overwhelmed with everyone's opinion.

Choosing the dress

Keep searching until you find the perfect dress. Only settle for one that is perfect and makes you feel fabulous. Once you see a dress you absolutely like, be sure to ask the shop assistant to hold it for you. Nothing is worse than finally finding the perfect dress only to have someone else buy it before you do.

Have fun!

Looking for the perfect high school formal dress doesn't need to be stressful if you get started early. It can be just as exciting as the formal itself - so have fun and have a great time on the day!

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